2014 All Stars

The 2014 Barnstable Little League All Star Teams will be selected this season through an evaluation process.
Each player interested in All Stars is encouraged to attend at least one of two scheduled clinics for their age group.  These clinics give the players an opportunity to display their skills as well as for a variety of coaches to evaluate the abilities of all the players in the age group.
Clinics will include: Running, Hitting, Catching, Throwing and Fielding.  When the time comes to select the teams, All Star Managers will then select their teams based on in-season performance, Head Coach recommendations and the evaluations.  The selected rosters will be submitted to the Board for approval and the final rosters will be announced.
Selection of the All Star teams is difficult for all parties involved and undoubtedly results in disappointment for some.  However, we encourage players who don’t get selected to use the experience to grow and improve.  All players will be informed whether they are selected or not.  Players who do get selected should be commended on the achievement and are expected to conduct themselves and their selection with respect and consideration for the feelings of their fellow players who did not get selected.
Thanks for your support of this process and feel free to contact us with any questions.
Current players interested should attend
at least one of the following Clinics.
12 Year Olds
Friday 5/23, 6-7:30pm @ Lorusso Field
Friday 6/6,  6-7:30pm @ Lorusso Field
11 Year Olds
Saturday 5/24, 1-2pm  @ Lorusso Field
Sunday 6/1, 1-2pm @ Lorusso Field
10 Year Olds
Sunday 6/1, 8-9:30am @ Lorusso Field
9 Year Olds
Sunday 6/1, 8-10am @ West Villages
Sunday 6/8,  8-10am @ West Villages Field
8 Year Olds
Dates/Times/Locations To Be Determined
All Star Teams
will be announced
after the season